Boost Your React Coding: 8 Developer Tools for Clean Code

Front-end development is a continuously evolving field with new tools popping up every day. 

With hundreds of new tools for developers, it’s impossible to master all of them. Experienced developers choose from a wide pool of developing tools based on ease of use and sustainability. 

It is always a good idea to keep upgrading your skills as a developer and experiment with new emerging tools to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world. 

What is React? 

React is an extremely popular Javascript front-end library that most front-end developers use. Its popularity is because it is an open-source library for front-end projects and is built on components that can be used multiple times within a project. 

It is used for creating user-friendly interfaces (UI) for websites and mobile applications. Over here, it’s important to know that React js. is a tool for building web applications, while React Native is a framework for generating mobile applications. 

This blog is for React developers who want to make life easy and write clean codes every time. We have put together a list of 8 React developer tools to help you handpick the best one for your React development project. But before we do that, let’s look at the advantages of React that make it such a popular choice among React developers. 

Perks Of Using React Developer Tools

Since React is such a popular choice among developers, let’s see what the advantages of using it are.

  • Generate interactive user interfaces with ease 
  • Write clean codes that perform better 
  • Increase productivity with built-in components
  • Keep an eye on root react components 
  • Enjoy quick and detailed profiling 

1- React Developer Tools

ReactDev tools bags the top position on our list. This is because it is the most convenient debugging extension for React developers and is a must-have in your tech stack. 

It is also fairly easy to get started with it. All you have to do is to install it as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. ReactDev Tools offers a thorough inspection of the applications you build with it. With this tool, you can achieve the following: 

  • Check the component tree
  • Review the state and properties of each selected component
  • Review the interaction between components
  • Examine the source code
  • Debug issues related to performance 

2- React Sight

This is a popular visualization tool for complex IT projects, and you can access its source code in the GitHub repository. It can easily be installed as a Chrome extension, adding to its ease of use. 

React Sight is the first choice of most React developers for debugging complex projects because it allows you to see all components of an application in an easy tree-like format, e.g., a flowchart. This gives you an idea of how each component interacts with the others and lets you see their current state and props. 

3- BIT

BIT is an online publishing platform where you can share your React components with others. It is a favorite among React developers because it offers the opportunity to use components that other developers have shared on it. You can browse for components on its marketplace and test and edit them for use in your own projects. 

BIT offers ease, especially for React developers who build modular applications. They don’t have to worry about writing codes from scratch every day. They can access the codes that best suit their project and download them from BIT. 

react developer project

Image alt text: a React developer working on a React development project

4- React Proto 

As the name suggests, React Proto is an application prototyping tool. It promotes collaboration between developers and designers.

 In its visual interface, you can conveniently plan projects and change the properties of different components if required. Its ease of use makes it a common choice for React developers. For example, you can drag and drop elements instead of writing code for each component.  

5- Storybook

If you want to build pages and components using React alone, Storybook should be your first choice. This feature makes it worthwhile, as you don’t have to worry about breaking the app if you want to try out new styles or test the functionality of individual components. You can customize each component as much as you want. Once satisfied with it, you can add it to the application. 

6- Create React App

Create React app is an excellent choice for creating one-page apps in React. It is a convenient environment that helps you take advantage of the latest Javascript features and helps you optimize the application to enjoy a seamless development experience. 

To begin working with this app, you must first install Node Package Manager(NPM) and Node Package Execute (NPX).

7- Reacticide

Reactide is an integrated development environment (IDE) specifically designed for React web application development, making it the first of its kind. 

This software merges developer tools into one graphical user interface (GUI), which is highly convenient for developers because it allows them to perform all their React development tasks in Reactide. 

Other features you would expect in an IDE are included in Reactide, such as hot module reloading and a component tree view that displays a live representation of your project.

8- React 360

Taking after its name, it generates interactive 360 experiences designed to run in web browsers. React 360 enables you to develop applications using React that can be accessed through multiple types of devices. 

By utilizing the robust React ecosystem and modern web technologies, React 360 streamlines the development of cross-platform 360 experiences.


If you are looking to streamline your app development process, React development tools are a must to keep an eye out for. Using these tools helps you write clean code and increase your productivity as a developer. It also enables easy maintenance of your code and offers great room for experimentation with your projects. 

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