8 Web Development Trends You Should Not Miss Out On In 2024

The internet has evolved incredibly since its inception in 1983. It has become a world of continuously evolving trends, and so has web development. Failure to keep up with them can cause you to miss out on quite a lot. Especially if you are a website owner. Web development trends change as rapidly as models change outfits in a fashion show! Although it’s not wise to jump on every bandwagon, some web development trends are crucial to follow because they improve user experience and conversions. 

In this blog, we’ll explore eight web development trends predicted to take 2023 by storm. A few of them have already been around for some time, but we’ve included them in this list anyway because adopting them this year is elemental for website owners.  

1- Dark Mode 

For a couple of years, the development of dark and low-light websites has been on the rise. In March 2020, the Android Authority reported that 91.8% of people prefer dark-mode standardized websites. These websites use a reversed color scheme compared to traditional websites. This means that the users view light-colored text, UI elements, and icons against a darker background. 

The popularity of dark mode websites is because of two reasons. Firstly, these websites are easier to navigate since they put less strain on the user’s eyes. So they are easy to use even in dimly lit or dark environments. 

Secondly, dark Mode standardized websites cut battery use significantly. Since most users now access the website through their phones, this is a lucrative feature of such websites for them. 

2- Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) 

Responsive designs alone aren’t enough anymore. Today, web designs need to be progressive along with being responsive. Progressive web apps are web applications with the essential features of mobile apps but can be accessed through a web browser.

 Many companies like Starbucks, Pinterest, and Uber are using PWA’s rampantly in 2023 due to their associated benefits. These web applications are also gaining popularity amongst web developers and businesses alike due to the following reasons:

  • They can be used offline 
  • They load in an instant 
  • Their web development costs are reasonably low
  • They offer easy maintenance for the provider 
  • They deliver an unparalleled user experience 

In 2023, several languages will be used to build PWA, including HTML, Angular, Javascript, React, and WebAssembly. 

3- AI Chatbots


Image alt text: an AI chatbot emerging out of a WordPress website 

As AI chatbots become increasingly intelligent, their use in web development is also gaining popularity. Companies and businesses frequently lean towards incorporating this technology into their websites and applications. This is because AI can enhance the user experience by leveraging it to provide 24/7 customer service or answer frequently asked questions. 

AI chatbots are expected to gain even more momentum in 2023, with many big names like Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter already using them to fulfill customer service needs. 

4- WordPress Development 

As the digital world gains pace, businesses are turning towards ready-made custom solutions. It saves them time, resources, and the need for expert knowledge to progress their business. 

WordPress is a popular choice for most business owners in this scenario. Its ease of use and scalability have contributed to its popularity since the early days of web development. WordPress development has been and will continue to dominate the web development world for a long time. 

5- Voice Search

Voice search was first introduced in 2011 by Google and has rapidly amassed a huge following ever since. Siri and Alexa are two voice-search virtual assistants that everyone is aware of.

 According to Google, 27% of users prefer voice search to typing. Big companies like Apple and Google continue to utilize voice search to create new products like Apple Home Pod and Google Home. 

With this trend rising rapidly, search engines will soon shift towards voice search optimization and rank pages optimized for voice search higher in SERPs. The explosive growth and popularity of voice search make it a web development trend worth watching out for in 2023. 

6- Single Page Applications 

Single-page applications are complex but highly user-friendly web applications. They load a single HTML page and continuously alter content based on user interaction. 

Single-page applications are a widely adopted web development trend in 2023 due to their unmatched user experience and fast loading speed. Though many features of SPAs are user-centered, they are also a hot favorite of developers because of the following features: 

  • They are easy to build and are cost-effective 
  • They consume less server space 
  • They make navigation easier by providing all users’ information on a single page

Most web developers use Javascript frameworks to build single-page applications like Vue.js, React, and Angular. 

7- Mobile Friendly Development 

Since most users now use mobile devices to access the web, mobile-friendly web development is gaining popularity. According to Oberlo, in February 2023, 60.7% of all website traffic came from mobile users. So web developers must consider the limitations of accessing a website via mobile devices and condense certain elements to fit smaller screens. 

There are multiple ways this can be done:

  1. Web developers should focus on developing sites with features optimized for mobile phones.
  2. The need to streamline web design to adapt to all screen sizes.
  3. Building an interface that responds to all screen sizes. 

8- Responsive Design 


Image alt text: a responsive web design created for businesses and startups by a  React web developer

Since mobile users have started to dominate web traffic, web development trends have started to facilitate designs catering to mobile users. Keeping this in mind, responsive design strategies are used to build dynamic websites that fit most screen sizes. It is crucial that business owners invest in responsive web design to cater to the three-quarters of global e-commerce sales completed through mobile phones. 

Responsive web design is gathering much attention from web developers and designers worldwide after Google announced it as a ranking factor in SERPs. Additionally, this trend offers a matchless user experience and a reduced bounce rate. 

In a Nutshell 

Web development is a continuously evolving field. Given the enormous growth of the web during the last decade, it is crucial to have a successful online presence for businesses and startups. Web development trends shape user experience, which in turn determines the success of most businesses. So, it’s crucial to stay ahead of these trends and build websites that make the best possible use of them to deliver a seamless user experience every time. 

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