When the Zohr team initially reached out to us, It was no surprise that they had a passion for cars. They were a mobile wheel shop that promised efficient and carefree tire installation with the added benefit of NOT having to wait in line and deal with the hassle of in house, brick and mortar mechanics.

They now had the assets and equipment to grow, they were looking to scale their business and generate more revenue. The only issue was, they didn’t have a wide reach.


The best thing for the Zohr team at this point was to become a recognized brand and start opening branches in Neighboring states.

So we started developing a Web application and invested most of our time and effort to make the site efficient and informative.

We developed a quick click and schedule module and resided it on the homepage of the site and ensured that it was mobile friendly for convience.

THE Results

Tech stack for this project is Reactjs alongside material-ui on frontend and Nodejs on backend side.